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OKDOTHIS: The Next BIG Thing in Social Media?

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So, I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there is a new App on the block and it goes by the name of OKDOTHIS.

OKDOTHIS is the brainchild of Jeremy Cowart - Entertainment, Music & Celebrity Photographer (among other things).

OKDOTHIS is effectively a social-media network of sorts. The idea being that people post ‘Do’s’ and you do them. The Do’s are inspirational Idea’s, suggestions, phrases, words, questions etc. Think of them like a brief. Have you ever done one of those ‘Photo-a-Day’ challenges where each day for a month you get a new word and then you have to make a photograph based on the word? Well, OKDOTHIS is like that, but on steroids, with a social element attached. Oh, and of course you can post Do’s for others to do as well.

Meet OKDOTHIS. The photo app that brings idea sharing to your camera screen. Song credit: The Hawk In Paris Learn more at www.OKDOTHIS.com

I’ve heard OKDOTHIS likened to Instagram a few times now, but I personally don’t think it’s entirely fair of people to compare it to Instagram. The only similarities they share is that you have the option to apply a filter before you upload your photograph and that this app is (just like Instagram used to be) is currently mostly mobile-phone-only with no real full-web browser experience. Those things and the fact that you can like and comment on other people’s photographs. To that extent OKDOTHIS is no more like Instagram than it is like Facebook or other social networks.

Whereas Instragram has no purpose, goal or target and no ‘central’ community as such, OKDOTHIS is based on the idea of briefs, inspiring quotes and suggested idea’s to shoot for. The app also features an iTunes-esque home area of sorts, showing what DO’s are popular, what DO’s are recent, ‘Featured’ DO’s and also DO’s from featured & notorious photographers as well.

I’ve been using OKDOTHIS for about 3 weeks and I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying it. If I’m waiting for a train, or, I’m in the passenger seat whilst my wife is driving, it’s so easy to pull out my phone, check out OKDOTHIS and shoot a few things around me and post them to brief’s. The idea is that you don’t have to be feeling inspired to want to pull out your phone or camera and make a photograph – OKDOTHIS will inspire you to do so.

Sure, at the moment OKDOTHIS is almost exclusively a community of photographers (or, at least it seems this way), but that’s great as far as I’m concerned – Photographers are some of the most interesting and creative people around. It’s most certainly worth a try.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 22.39.06.png

Right now it’s available on the iPhone for $1.99 (or £1.49). You may be asking why on earth a social media app isn’t free, after all, isn’t Facebook free? Well, sure Facebook doesn’t cost you a penny to download however you do have to put up with a whole load of ads that aren’t relevant to you, despite Facebook’s best efforts. With OKDOTHIS it’s currently totally ad-free!! How cool is that?!. It’s all about the interface and the cool screens. (Here, check out this extremely ironic screen grab I made of a Facebook Post from Neil Graham…see, far too many ads):

So, in summary this is a must-have app, especially if you’re a photographer. There is a Google+ like feel when it comes to the way the community is growing, but I think that will be the same with any new social media platforms we see ‘launched’ into the market in this way. I for one have taken to it and you can follow me as @RammellPhoto. I’ve added a fair few DO’s now so be sure to take part in a few 

For now, here’s a quick run-down of what OKDOTHIS is all about, Q & A Style:

What’s the point?
Open the app. Find a category you like such as “Long Shadows”, “Look Up”, “What are you up to right now?”
Post a photo for that brief. Share with others. Receive comments, feedback, ‘OK’s’ (like’s/+1′s)
Gain a following of people who like what you do
Comment on other people’s DO’s


Who’s it for?
Mostly, anyone with a phone that has a built in camera (everyone, right?).

In all seriousness it’s for those people looking for a little bit of shooting inspiration, it’s not just for photographers, anyone can use it. I’d hate to say that it’s looking mostly like photographers are going to use this app, because if it does go a little more ‘mainstream’, like Instagram, we’ll have everyone using it. Which is fine: more people, more content & better community.

But hey, just because it’s an app for your phone doesn’t mean you can’t post photographs from your Big Camera’s too! Lots of people in the community upload their best work taken with their serious equipment too.

How much does it cost?
Brace yourself… It costs a huge…$1.99 or £1.49. Can’t speak for other locations such as Europe. But, for that price it keeps the app add free!

Hang on, do I have to put up with ads?
No, I just said it’s App Free.

I can’t speak on behalf of Jeremy or OKDOTHIS, but right now no there are no ads. I guess if you pay for the app it should be Ad free though, right? Ad-fee is better, that’s for sure!

Where can I get it?
It’s available on the App Store – go get it: OKDOTHIS in iTunes

Is there a video I can watch?
Yeah…it’s up at the top of this post or over on the OKDOTHIS website: http://okdothis.com/

Where can I find out more?
Either by watching that video at the top of this post or by actually downloading the app and getting involved. It’s great fun!

Are you on OKDOTHIS? Share your username below in the comments for others to find you and follow you.

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