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Kids wish for the cutest things

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I'm inspired by the oddest things. We can be anywhere and I'll see something odd or mundane and see inspiration in it. Today's inspiration was a little more obvious, but owing to it's cuteness and off the scale score on the adorable chart it needed sharing.

My wife and I went to a school fete here in the UK and in typical tradition there was face painting, bouncy castles, ice cream and raffles. This one particular tree though was very colourfully decorated, with a sign reading 'Wishing Tree' on it. Here are some of the kids wishes:


"I wish that my family will be with me forever!" Read one label. It melted my heart!!

I expected to see far more simple and perhaps more materialistic wishes on the tree, but to be honest most of them were wishing for wonderful things. There were of course a few children seeking super powers or the more humble request of possessing football skills: "I wish I was a good footballer" another wish read. Aaawwww!! Cute!

In their neatest possible hand writing (because neatness has a direct impact on how likely it is your wish will be granted) this thoughtful and giving child was wishing for someone else, rather than themselves, which for me is adorable!

"I wish Nanny would get better soon and come home" 


Bless! My wife and I were very impressed. It's pleasing to see young children being so thoughtful.

That's it for today. Just a little brief one to make you smile I hope! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

(PS: yes, I did add a wish: "I wish for a lay in at weekends!!") those if you with kids will understand!

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