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50% off Damien Lovegrove videos during March 2015

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As you may know I host produce the Ready Steady Pro photography podcast - an audio show available through iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Ready Steady Pro

The premise of the show is that I invite guests to come on and discuss all matters creative and business and anything that will help you as a listener to forward your photography business. I don't claim to have all the answers and I certainly don't know all the secrets to success (I know that there are no secrets!), but by having leading industry experts and experienced and successful business owners on the show we hope to draw from their knowledge and pass some of that on to the people listening.

My most recent guest for Episode 20 of the Ready Steady Pro Podcast was the one and only Damien Lovegrove.

To listen to the Podcast just head on over to iTunes, or listen online at ReadySteadyPro.co.uk. Alternatively you can use this audio player right here:

Damien Lovegrove


Damien has had a very long and successful career as a photographer, shooting over 400 weddings in 10 years, averaging at least £3,000 and turning over £200,000 in business most years. By design, Damien and his wife Julie decided to take a step back from shooting so many weddings and drew up a 3 year plan to replace 100% of their income with something else. Enlisting the help of a business consultant Damien turned his attention to writing a book, teaching, training and so much more. The result is a number of passive income streams allowing Damien more time to shoot what he enjoys.

Damien has pretty much 'been there, done that' and so he's someone well worth listening to when it comes to both the technical and creative side of photography, as well as the business side of the operation too.

50% Discount on all Lovegrove Shop Training Videos

Each episode we ask our guests to provide what we call a 'Little Gem': Something for the listeners to take away. Often gems are pieces of advice, inspirational ideas or challenges, blogs to follow, portfolios to look at, gear and sometimes discounts. Today, Damien has been kind enough to offer 50% off all videos purchased during March 2015!

To get this offer head on over to Damien's website and enter discount code 'readysteady' at the checkout!

Thank you to Damien Lovegrove for this superb and very generous discount!

Be sure to have a listen of this episode, subscribe to the podcast and leave a review in iTunes!

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