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EVENT: London Photowalk April 18th

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Come and join us on Saturday 18th April for a photowalk in London.


I'm hosting another day of Street Photograpy and we're sure to get another great turn out. The day will see us taking in a route that does involve quite a bit of walking, but with plenty of stops for coffees and to catch up with new friends. This route is sure to see us take in some of the more populated areas of London, giving us ample chance to photograph the things and the people we see.

The Route

Previous walks have seen us cover a lot of ground, so this walk will instead have a basic set of milestones, which we can remove and adjust throughout the walk according to the light, time, how people feel about walking distances and of course the wonderful eclectic British weather

Starting we'll be taking a route that loosely looks something like this:

  • Meeting at the London Eye
  • Westminster Station
  • Westminster Tube > Green Park
  • Green Park > Soho
  • Soho > China Town
  • Chinatown > Leicester Square
  • Leicester Square > Covent Garden
  • Covent Garden > Embankment
  • Embankment > South Bank

Click here to view the event details further and to save the event to your calendar

Meeting Time: 13:00
Food: stop as and when the group decide
Register: Even though this is a free event I am keen to keep track of numbers and try to ensure we don't lose people along the walk, so please do register and let me know you're coming. Head om over to Facebook and join the group, or register below.


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