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A lesson in outstanding customer service by Moo.com

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Moo.com - purveyors of outstandingly classy business cards, postcards, mini cards, stickers and so much more - have given me a lesson in outstanding customer service this week. I shared this story over in the Ready Steady Pro Facebook community already, but I felt that this story deserved to be told to a wider audience as well.

Recently, Moo.com had one of their huge 25% off sales - meaning that for a limited time you could save a huge amount of money on all printed products from Moo! For those in business a saving like this on stationary and important items such as business cards is very handy indeed. In case you didn't know the mainstay of my photography is weddings and portraits and so this sale was a great opportunity for me to re-stock my dwindling supply of luxurious 'Luxe' cards from Moo; a triple-layered card that is so thick it oozes class and really does leave a client with a great impression of you and your business. Whilst I was at it I decided also to design and purchase some Luxe postcards, which I would use as 'With Compliments' slips and some stickers as well.

So, on the last day of the Moo sale after putting my children to bed I designed my new stationary by uploading my logos, entering my text and adding my photographs to my business cards. I sent the order and went to bed happy, knowing that a large box of printed goodies was on the way from Moo! The box would include Luxe Cards, Luxe postcards and round stickers. All-in-all an order worth a little over £120.

A few days later, as I have come to expect from Moo.com my order had arrived on time and well packaged, delivered by DHL. This was the first time I had ordered Luxe postcards so I opened these first - excited to see what was inside! The postcards were great. I got mine all in white with my logo featured on the front. Next I opened my Luxe business cards. They were all there, the images on the front looked crisp and sharp and the colours were accurate. I was, as I always have been with Moo's service, delighted. I was about to take to Twitter and share a photograph of my products when I realised that there was an issue: my telephone number was wrong! I had missed a number out! Disaster!

My beautiful, new Luxe business cards were now useless; I couldn't hand out a card to a potential client with the incorrect contact information on it, what good would that be?! Knowing that this was my mistake, and my mistake alone I sulked for a bit.

I decided to share a photograph of my delivery to Twitter anyway:

So, later that afternoon Moo came back to me on Twitter. I expected the Tweet to read something like "@RammellPhoto you complete numpty! #Fail" but instead Moo said: "@RammellPhoto Oh no, how frustrating! If you can please send over your order number we'll see what we can do for you."

I was very pleased they hadn't mocked me and even more pleased about their willingness to even discuss something that was clearly my mistake.

I replied to the tweet with my order number and was told: "@RammellPhoto No problem :) Our lovely customer service team will be in touch via email shortly to sort this out for you."...

At this point I refused to get my hopes up. I was convinced that the conclusion to this would be that Moo would simply ask me to pay for a pre-print and re-delivery of some new cards, or at least as some sort of sweetener offer free delivery. But the email I received from customer services said so much more:

We want you to love everything that you print with MOO. If you could please send me the correct information I would be happy to make the changes on your behalf and reprint your cards, free of charge. Please also confirm if the problem is across all the products in your order.

Wow! Free. Of. Charge?!!? Thank you Moo!

At this stage I would just remind you that the mistake in this instance was mine and mine alone. I wasn't thorough enough. I didn't check it twice. I was the person at fault.

So, I detailed the error I had made in that I had simply forgotten one, single digit from my telephone number, but that the rest of the cards were 100% perfect.

Later that afternoon I received another email asking me to review the PDF draft document showing my cards with the new, correct number. I approved the cards. Shortly after that was an email to let me know that my order was received and going to print. After that another email to let me know that my cards were being dispatched and that they should arrive on July 31st (just 2 days after my initial order arrived).

From disaster to elation. Moo had gone out of their way (and at their expense) to correct a mistake I made. I was more than happy. I'm still surprised right now that Moo are doing this!

I'm not suggesting that Moo.com will replace all your cards for free if you make the same mistake, but I will say that Moo clearly have a culture of great customer service in their business. Coupled with the excellent products they offer I can't ever imagine looking elsewhere for my cards. Moo really have got a customer for life!

Check out Moo.com today and get 10% off your first order by using this link, or by entering the discount code '7qftdq' at the checkout.

I love Moo and I'm sure you will too!

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