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Read my Feature in the June Olympus Magazine

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Earlier this year when the sun was setting much, much earlier than it has been recently you would find me in London on a regular basis. I found a love for the darkness with my camera and wrote a few pieces on shooting in low light with the Olympus OM-D E-M1

The posts I wrote right here on this blog did the rounds in the various Olympus communities until Olympus themselves got in touch to say that they liked what I was doing with the camera and asked me to put together a piece for the Olympus Mag! I'm incredibly pleased to share with you that my piece is now featured in the June edition of the Olympus Magazine:

The front cover of the June Edition of the Olympus Magazine

For my first feature in a magazine (albeit digital only) i was pleased to see quite a few pages of content with my words and photographs featured. The magazine itself makes full use of the fact it's digital and allows you to interact with some of the content such as switching between colour and black and white versions.

Included in the article are:

  1. My top tips for Black and White
  2. A complete list of the gear I own and use
  3. My thoughts on black and white
  4. Making the switch from DSLR to Mirrorless and it's benefits
  5. Wedding Photography, Street Photography and more

You can read the article in the magazine itself by heading over to the Olympus Magazine Website.

Here are  a few screen grabs from the magazine:

Much more to come!

I'm always updating this blog with new work and in the coming weeks you'll start to see lots of wedding-related features too as the season starts here in the UK. So if you're a wedding photographer and you're interested to see how an Olympus handles on a big day be sure to subscribe to the blog and you'll get a notification when those articles are released!

Until next time!

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