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VIDEO: Preparing a Photograph for Print

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Printing is considered by many to be the final step in making a photograph. It’s a sentiment I agree with.

The ‘problem’ with printing though is that people often think it’s expensive or that prints never come out quite right:

  • Prints can sometimes come out too dark
  • Prints are sometimes not as sharp as they were on screen
  • The colours can be wrong -
    • Too warm or too cool is a common issue
    • Skin tones being innacurate and people appear either Orange or Pale
  • I’ve also heard on many occasions that prints can appear ‘washed out’ with blacks appearing slightly grey.

Well today I want to share with you a short video to guide you through the basics of printing and to avoid these common issues. If you’re printing your photographs this is, in the most basic way, the very least you should be doing with your photographs in Lightroom to ensure they come out as bright as you intended them to be, to have rich blacks and brilliant whites and to be clean from spots. Take a look:

So, try applying the clipping method and adjusting your screen brightness before editing your photograph and see how different the results are.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with me via the contact form, or over in theFacebook community

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