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Introducing the Michael Rammell Photography Podcast

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It's official, I'm back in iTunes with a brand new show. The new show will basically feature the content that I write here on this blog (recorded as audio). So, if you prefer to listen as you go about your daily activities, instead of reading, it's now even easier to do that! Just head over and subscribe to the new show through iTunes.

Those of you that have a keen eye may have picked up on the fact that I said that I am 'back' in iTunes...well, that's because I used to host a very successful show by the name of Ready Steady Pro. It was a great show with over 20 episodes. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing some wonderful photographers and massive names, including David DuChemin, Frank Doorhoff, Valerie Jardin, Andrew Hellmich, Damien Lovegrove and Neil Buchan-Grant, to name but a few. As part of the launch of this new show, I will also be re-releasing the old Ready Steady Pro content too; digitally re-mastered (with a less cheesy soundtrack!) for 2017 and beyond.

So, if you love podcasts and like this blog why not head on over to iTunes and subscribe The Michael Rammell Photography Podcast!

What was Ready Steady Pro?

The reason so many of you may not be aware of the old Ready Steady Pro Photography podcast is because it existed some time before I really started to commit to this blog and the content I put out here. Then, back in 2015 I moved house and simply stopped recording episodes. Since then however, over 450 of you have subscribed to the mailing list to receive the content from this site direct to your inbox, and so there is a very strong chance you'll be reading this very post in your email. Thanks for subscribing if that's you! 

So, rather than allowing those old Ready Steady Pro episodes (which are full of great gems of advice and content) to gather digital dust and remain hidden on my hard drive, I'll be re-releasing them. Just like an old EP they'll be remastered for 2017 with new intros too. You'll be able to hear all manner of discussions about the business of photography, the art of photography, some chats about gear and some otherwise massively interesting and inspiring interviews from the likes of Valerie Jardin, David DuChemin, Andrew Hellmich, Frank Doorhoff, Olympus Ambassador Neil Buchan Grant and Fuji X Pro Photographer and all round good guy Damien Lovegrove.

Why the rebrand? Why not continue with RSP?

As much as the 'Michael Rammell' show in iTunes will play host to the original content i recorded for the Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast, the new content and audio I'll be recording will be about various other things too, not just the process and work required to start a photography business. The content that you have come to know from MichaelRammell.com will also feature too. For example at the time of releasing this post the other available episodes include my reviews of the Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 and also my MeFoto BackPacker Tripod too. So, as such I just felt that it wasn't appropriate to call it Ready Steady Pro any more.

Today's episode. 

So if you hit play at the top of this blog on that audio player, you'll be greeted by a new intro recorded in February 2017, followed by the very 1st ever episode of RSP, which was recorded back in September 2013. It's rough around the edges, I think you'll agree, but I was joined by some good friends and like anything in life, if you wait for something to be perfect before you start it - you'll never get started at all!

The point of Ready Steady Pro was always that it was being put together and released by people in the exact same position as those listening; that being that those tuning in are photographers spinning the two plates of a day job and a photography side-income with the long-term objective being to transition between the two.

I listen back now myself and realise just how far I've come, but that's not going to stop me from putting this early episode back out there. But please do be gentle! I'll be the first to admit that a number of my own opinions may have changed over the course of the last few years, but I see this as a natural progression and growth of myself as a person and a photographer.

This episode was never intended to be polished or perfect. As I always say it's better to start something and get it out there, rather than perfecting for so long that it never eventually gets out there anyway!

So, get comfy and enjoy the listen. If you're new to this brave world of photography and are trying to make a go of it in a professional capacity I hope that this early recording gives you hope and belief that with enough time, practise and filled pages in notepads, that you will get there too!

Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and here on the blog too. 

I'll be re-releasing the old RSP content mixed in with new content from the blog every few weeks. I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable. 

As always, thanks for being here, thanks for subscribing and thanks for even reading this far! Until next week... 

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