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TWiP Street Focus Interview

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If you listen to any photography podcasts you may have heard of TWiP (This Week In Photo). If you're a subscriber then be sure to check out Episode 74 of Street Focus with Valerie Jardin, where I was the guest!

You can listen to the interview right here by using the player below, or head on over to the TWiP website, right here

I regularly post my Sleeping Commuters to a handful of places online including my Instagram account, the Sleeping Commuters gallery here on the site and a selection of Facebook Groups. When Valerie saw the project she very kindly invited me on the show to talk about it.

Valerie and I have both spoken a few times before via the internet, initially for my own Podcast; Ready Steady Pro and also back when I was a member of the beta testers for The Arcanum. I was on of the very fortunate people invited to test the platform and was a student in Valerie's 'Cohort'. So, knowing that whenever we've spoken in the past we've shared a few laughs during our discussion I knew that chatting about Sleeping Commuters with Valerie was going to be a lot of fun.

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