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March is the time of year my I go away for a weekend to relax and unwind. A hectic work life and of course a photography business to run means it's non-stop. 2015's March destination saw me making the very short flight to Venice, Italy!

Today I want to share with you some of my photographs from my trip.

All of the photographs shared below have also been made available as high-res files for download for use as desktop wallpapers for your PC or Mac.

A Photographers Playground

This quaint little city is built upon a collection of islands, separated by the only means of transportation other than foot - it's Canals. As a photographer in Venice you'll find yourself in a playground of light, sights and sounds. The footpaths lining the canals are all linked by a combination of stone or wooden bridges and the buildings are all (except a few) low rise, allowing the golden light of the rising or setting sun to pour amply through windows, gaps and holes and reflect from the beautifully rendered exteriors of the homes, shops and Basilicas.

One thing very unique about Venice is that because there isn't a means to get cars, buses or lorries into the center of the city - there just isn't any traffic of sorts. As a result it's incredibly quiet! You can wander the side alleys and ever-winding paths of Venice with a camera in your hand and the only things you're likely to hear are the faint, distant sounds of boats cruising the canal, children playing in the squares, the bells of the Basilicas and perhaps singing:

The Photographs

All of the photographs in this series were made with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Olympus M.Zuiko lenses. This is my favourite Micro Four Thirds camera, after recently selling all of my Canon DSLR equipment.

Enjoy the photographs and please do feel free to comment and share.

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