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This page contains a series of video and blog tutorials that I hope will help you take your photography to the next level. At the bottom of this page you can also submit a request for Lightroom help and I'll respond with a video for you :)

Making Dramatic Mono Macro Flower Shots

In this video I show you how to make dramatic mono pictures of Tulips. As well as the behind the scenes footage to show you my setup for lighting and backdrop, you'll also learn how I post process the images too! 

Using The Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator

I've updated my Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator. In this video I'll guide you through the pricing calculator to help you price your wedding photography business for profit. You can download the pricing calculator over at the website: http://bit.ly/price-calculator

Creating Smart Collections for Lenses (Plus Free Downloads)

In this video I show you how to both import existing Smart Collection Settings Files (Which I have made available for you) and how to make your own smart collections to show images made by specific lenses.

Moving Files & Folders In Adobe Lightroom

In this video I share the best-practise way to move files & folders around using Lightroom so that you don't have to constantly 'Update Folder location' and 're-sync folder'!

Shooting IPhone Photographs And Using Google Snapseed To Edit Them

After receiving a number of messages and emails asking how I achieve such great iPhone Photographs (thanks guys!) I decided to go ahead and share my simple, yet effective workflow of how I edit my iPhone photographs. For the full blog post, including additional details not mentioned in this video please check out this post

Importing A Photographs' Metadata Into Squarespace

In response to a question about how to get photograph metadata to appear when you import those photographs into Squarespace - Michael produced this short video demonstrating exactly how to achieve this

Using Smart Collections In Adobe Lightroom

Michael Rammell shares some tips on making use of smart collections in lightroom to better manage your library and workflow, including Smart Collections and some handy parameters to set for filtering and how to use a target collection to quickly add photographs to a collection on the fly.

Using Brushes to improve post processing In Adobe Lightroom

More and more people are using Lightroom exclusively for video editing, which is great: Lightroom offers fast editing with the use of sliders to help you achieve the final-finish you have in mind. But, sometimes you don't want global changes to sharpness, brightness, clarity and the like. The brush tool in Adobe Lightroom should not be overlooked. In this video Michael put's the brush tool to good use to improve a photograph.

Creating A Black And White Smart Collection In Adobe Lightroom

In response to the Black and White Photography Challenge - where photographers are set the challenge to post one black and white photograph per day for 5 days - Michael shows you an easier way to get all of your mono photographs into one place so that you can easily choose your five to share with the world.

Preparing A Photograph For Printing Using Adobe Lightroom

Following on from a discussion in the Ready Steady Pro community that Elizabeth Hardwick and Michael were having regarding printing, Michael decided to go ahead and make a short video to share what it is he does before he sends a file out to be turned into a beautiful print. This includes adjusting black and white levels, suggestions for screen brightness, spot healing and of course lots of lovely Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

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