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I shot a lot of film when I was a young child, but nothing with any artistic merit as far as I can remember. I just seemed to be the one to whom the camera was handed and I'd merrily go about pointing and shooting. My earliest significant memory of photography was shooting 40 rolls of film at Disneyland Paris on a point-and-shoot style camera that auto-wound itself after each exposure. To this day I couldn't tell you what the camera was. All I knew was that it was Kodak film. After that I didn't do any photography for years until I saved up my money from my first ever weekend job and bought myself a Sony Cybershot. I had that for some time before moving onto a Sony NEX-5 and then I moved into the world of Canon DSLR’s. My equipment list grew over time and I became engrossed and addicted to the world of photography and picture-making. I've now ditched the Canon DSLR and shoot exclusively with Olympus OM-D Cameras.

 Back in the Canon DSLR days at Richmond Park

Back in the Canon DSLR days at Richmond Park

Mono Love Affair

Black and White seems to me to be the only finish that isn't gimmicky. For as long as I can remember seeing photographs I can remember black and white. I'm also just about old enough to remember having black and white televisions too. I even remember sitting in my Grandad’s front room with the entire family gathered round watching silent episodes of Popeye on a film projector with my Uncle doing his best possible voice over of the characters. It's for reasons such as this that I think black and white offers a feeling of nostalgia and drama that colour just can’t seem to match: what were simply dark areas in a colour photograph now become deep blacks and the focus is more about the subject than the colour. This is one of my reasons for my love affair with the Olympus cameras - the dynamic range in the Olympus RAW files is wonderful and I’m really able to push the blacks and the white’s in post processing without having the tones of grey and silver in between being pulled too far one way or the other. The range of black to white is beautiful and the results always feel more pleasing.

 Photo courtesy of   Neil Graham

Photo courtesy of Neil Graham

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Ready Steady Pro 

I started a Photography Podcast aimed at photographers looking to turn their love for photography into a profession. The idea is to help promote the right approach by having guests on the show talking about pricing models, marketing and business but it's become more than just a podcast. The Facebook community continues the discussions and it's members share and create some of the best content the internet has to offer.  The Podcast pulls in thousands of listeners with each new episode with a mixture of round-table discussions and interviews with leading industry experts who offer advice on going pro and share their stories of when they transitioned. The show regularly features the very people it's looking to support on their journey. Guests such as Valerie JardinAndrew HellmichFrank Doorhoff and David DuChemin have all made appearances.

Press & Appearances

I've been fortunate enough to have appeared as a guest on a number of other popular Photography Podcasts, including the excellent Photobiz Xposed Podcast with Andrew Hellmich and the thought-provoking and engaging Photography 121 Podcast with Stephen Cotterell. Michael is also a very active moderator on the Martin Bailey Photography Google+ Community You can see all of Michaels' press right here

As a professional Photographer Michael remains a registered member of The Guild Of Photographers

I'm an all-Olympus Micro-four-thirds shooter who shoots weddings & portraits professionally but spend much of my time photographing the streets of London. I'm also the host of the Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast.

If you're looking for my wedding photography website, you'll find it at www.rammellphotography.com. This site plays host to my street photography work and photography industry related topics and discussions. I like to keep the two worlds

As a professional Photographer Michael remains a registered member of The Guild Of Photographers

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