Michael Rammell

If you've been following me for some time you may know that I used to run the Ready Steady Pro photography podcast. It's been shelved for some time due to time restrictions and other commitments. I mention this, because on the blog that accompanied the RSP Podcast we used to run a weekly feature that we called 'Photographer in Focus'. As the name suggests; each week we'd shine the spotlight on a Ready Steady Pro community member and have them answer a series of questions about their photography. The post would give that photographer the chance to showcase some of their work, tell people about themselves and of course, link back to their site and presences on Social Media. It was a hugely popular feature, and that is why I'm launching Photographer in Focus right here on my blog.

We all know about the Olympus Ambassadors, Trailblazers and Visionaries (they're a talented bunch), but I know that there are hundreds of talented Olympus photographers out there in the various Olympus groups that don't often get the credit or spotlight that they and their work deserves. So, in this incarnation of Photographer in Focus I'm specifically looking for Olympus Micro Four Thirds photographers to share their stories and photographs, right here on the blog