Michael Rammell

For Photographers Looking To Turn Pro

Ready Steady Pro is a Popular Photography Podcast hosted & produced by Michael Rammell, with weekly discussions about the business side of photography, inspiration, skill & craft, Sales, Marketing and so much more. RSP is aimed at those photographers in particular who are looking to make a living from their skill as a photographer.

Guests of the Podcast so far include Valerie Jardin, Frank Doorhoff, David DuChemin, Andrew Hellmich, Steve Saporito and more.

In addition to the weekly Podcast there are also Facebook and Google+ communities. It's here that the topics of the podcast are discussed and scrutinized in more detail. The community takes a 'buddying' approach where people are encouraged to share and ask questions as freely as they like in a community with a real friendly atmosphere. It's here that learning takes place!

So, check out the Podcast today and come join us for a chat in the group.

Oh, and check out the RSP Website too: www.ReadySteadyPro.co.uk

At RSP we like to give our listeners maximum value by providing advice, tips, business do’s & don’ts and more by way of round-table discussions with photographers and interviews with leading, successful industry experts.
— Michael Rammell | Host