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Episode 001 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: Websites, Customer Service & Business Strategies

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Originally recorded back in September 2013, this was the very first episode of Ready Steady Pro ever recorded and released. You'll notice that the opening track for this episode isn't retained in future episodes, but as a starting point I think we did quite well.

The point of Ready Steady Pro was always that it was being put together and released by people in the exact same position as those listening; that being that those tuning in are photographers spinning the two plates of a day job and a photography side-income with the long-term objective being to transition between the two.

I listen back now myself and realise just how far I've come, but that's not going to stop me from putting this early episode back out there. But please do be gentle! I'll be the first to admit that a number of my own opinions may have changed over the course of the last few years, but I see this as a natural progression and growth of myself as a person and a photographer.

This episode was never intended to be polished or perfect. As I always say it's better to start something and get it out there, rather than perfecting for so long that it never eventually gets out there anyway!

So, get comfy and enjoy the listen. If you're new to this brave world of photography and are trying to make a go of it in a professional capacity I hope that this early recording gives you hope and belief that with enough time, practise and filled pages in notepads, that you will get there too!

Topics Discussed

  • Website, Branding & Image
  • Customer Service – How to Liaise with Clients
  • Business Strategy – What’s Yours?

Show Notes / Links / Takeaways

  • Lee Jones uses Zenfolio for his website
  • Michael Rammell hosts his website using SquareSpace
  • Lel, Richard and Tracey all use WordPress for their sites
  • Lel, Richard and Tracey each use the ProPhoto (WordPress Plugin)
  • See Tracey Christina’s Stunning 365 Project on Facebook.   Part 1.  / Part 2.
  • Le Hurst goes one day better…Here’s the 366 Project
  • Zack and Jody Grey

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