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Episode 002 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: Second Shooting

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Another episode from way back when (September 2013!). Although still rough and a little raw, we released our discussion for episode 2 on the ever-hot topic of second shooting and second shooters. We discussed the world of Second Shooting including how to get more Second Shooting Gigs, setting boundaries with the principle shooter, the pressure involved in being a second shooter, whether or not second shooters should be able to use images in their own portfolio, and the massive subject that is should second shooters be paid?

As well as discussing all things second shooting each guest was tasked to come up with something to give to you this evening, What we’re calling Little Gems. These can be found below.

I welcomed back some good friends and new voices to the show for this discussion.

Topics Discussed

Second Shooting & Photographer Assistants.

Today’s Little Gems

  • Tracey’s Little Gem for today was a thought-provoking & motivational quote:“Life is like a Camera. Focus on what’s Important, Capture the Good Times, Develop from the Negatives. Take Another Shot”
  • Lel has left us with a wedding blog to seek out and take inspiration from. Go have a look at ShowMeThePretty.co.uk/
  • Lee was kind enough to share a tip that he says has increased the speed of his post-processing work immensly. Check out the progammable keyboard
  • Neil’s Gem for episode 2 was how to get a replacement iPhone 5. It turns out Apple know of an issue in certain iPhone 5 models that affects WiFi & Bluetooth. Neil tells us how he got a brand new device from the apple store
  • Michael’s gem for the listeners today was the ICE Society. An online training and resource center for photographers from world-renowned Jerry Ghionis.

Show Notes / Links

  • Michael mentioned that Jerry Ghionis suggests Second Shooters shouldn’t be paid. Sign up to the ICE Society for free here to watch the web cast where Jerry says this
  • ICE Society Affiliate Code
  • The guys also gave a brief nod to the superb Cliff Mautner. Take a look at his work here
  • Rob Grimes got a mention on today’s show. You can see his work here. I’m very pleased to say that Rob will be on Episode 4 in Late October too.

Guests Featured On this Episode

  • Michael Rammell
  • Lel Hurst
  • Tracey Christina
  • Lee Jones
  • Neil Graham