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Episode 003 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: An Interview with Lee Jones

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The first of the Ready Steady Pro episodes to begin using the intro that would become the intro for all future episodes. Still stumbling through, still a complete amatuer, but everyone had to start somewhere, right? This was also the first of the one-on-one interview episodes too. Lee Jones stepped into to record a cracking episode!

Lee Jones of McDonald Jones Photography (formerly Phitography) was generous with his time as he spent over an hour to talking to me over Skype, sharing with us his photography ambitions and some of the challenges he’s faced in getting where he was at the time. Keeping up with Lee on Facebook since then It's clear to see that Lee has grown and developed superbly as a photographer and achieved some great success.

In episode 4 Lee and I discuss:

  • The value of photography to different people
  • The value of our time as people and photographers
  • Running a small business whilst having a full time day-job and a family to attend to

...and much much more.

Please do note as I said at the very start of our conversation both Lee and I were suffering from severe flu at the time of recording. Many will tell us it was a bad case of man flu and that we just need to ‘Man-up’ – well, we did. Despite our poorly conditions we spoke at length and in great detail about the wonderful world of photography, and all for your listening pleasure.

I also wasn’t going to let Lee get away without leaving us a little Gem – Just because this is a little different from usual episodes doesn’t mean we can get away without sharing something with you guys!

Little Gems

  • Lee’s Gem today was BlogStomp – the fantastically fast and very smart tool that effectively creates collages (or, Cartoon strips) of your photographs, ready for posting to the internet and blogging. It’s available for both Windows and Mac, there is a free trial and of course so go and give this a try. Thanks Lee!
  • Michael mentioned Stephen Cotterell’s fantastic upcoming course: ‘Unleashing your Inner photographer’. For more information be sure to head over to Stephen’s Website @ http://stephencotterell.com

Show Notes / Links

  • The Guild of Photographers
  • The Ready, Steady Pro Facebook Group
  • Lee Jones’ Website: http://www.phitography.co.uk/

Guests featured in this episode

  • Michael Rammell
  • Lee Jones