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Episode 006 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: Social Media. Are you doing it (Right)?

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These days it can be hard (pretty much impossible) to run a business without some sort of social media presence and so it was inevitable at some stage that we dedicated a podcast episode to discuss it. For episode 6 we recorded another virtual round table discussion with some of my favourite photographers on social media. Rob Grimes makes his first RSP appearance, with Neil Graham and Tracey Christina returning to lend their thoughts to this mammoth-sized topic.

This weeks Topic

Social Media. Are you doing it (Right)?

Little Gems

  • Rob’s Gem was his 'OODA Loop' – a graphical means to show the circle of improvement and maintenance of standards if you will. By continuously focussing on the things in the OODA Loop you’re surely on a path to success.

Rob Grimes' 'OODA Loop'. Click to Enlarge

  • Tracey was kind enough to share the magic of PhotoMechanic fromCameraBits.com – a piece of software for Mac and PC that speeds up your culling and editing process no end. It’s available for just $150!
  • Neil’s Gem today was Martin Bailey – the brains behind Martin Bailey Photography. Martin is a Landscape and Wildlife Photographer, eBook author and workshop leader & teacher. Check out Martin here and join the G+ Community too.
  • Michael’s Gem for episode 6 was Rosh Sillars. Rosh is an SEO and Google Guru and is always on top of the latest SEO trends. If you’re looking to keep on top of your SEO then Rosh’s weekly podcast is a great, bitesize listen that will help you do just this.

Guests featured in this Episode

  • Michael Rammell
  • Rob Grimes
  • Tracey Christina
  • Neil Graham