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Episode 008 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: Knowing Your Target Market & How to appeal to them

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Originally released back in November 2013, I remember the recording of this episode quite distinctly. My guests and I all spoke for quite some time before even hit record. It seemed we all had so much to discuss. So much so, that the show ran over in a big way with the recording still running. So, it became something of a feature-length episode with 'bonus content' of sorts. We got through the main top of the day, which was knowing your target market, and then went on to discussing printing, calibration, wedding albums and so much more. So, if you're listening to this show today please do make sure you're sitting comfortably!

Here are the original notes from back in 2013:

For Episode 8 I am once again sitting around the virtual kitchen table with my guest photographers to discuss the matter of Knowing exactly who it is you’re aiming your services at –  Your Target Market.

As a wedding photographer are your marketing efforts aimed at a specific age-range, to men or to women? What about pet photographers, portrait photographers and headshot photographers? Does your approach, brand and website appeal to the people looking for you? Well, for this episode I’m joined by Simon Dewey, Neil Graham and Lel Hurst to find out what they do to market themselves towards potential paying clients.

Be sure to keep an ear out for the part quite early on in the show where Simon talks about seeking clients that are ‘Visually Educated’. That’s a phrase that really struck me; it’s not something I’ve heard before but all by itself sums up the exact kind of client I’m looking for.

In addition to the usual chat, we’ve also got some extended after-show chat about printing. We talk in more detail about ICC Profiles, Monitor Calibration, which print house to use and how to proof prints.

Sit back and enjoy this episode of Ready, Steady Pro! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

This Weeks' Topic

Knowing Your Target Market & How to Appeal to Them
BONUS CONTENT: Printing, Calibration, The importance of Albums, ICC Profiles and much, much more…

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Lel Hurst
Michael Rammell
Neil Graham
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