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Episode 007 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: n Interview with Rob Grimes

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Originally released back in November 2013, Episode 7 of The Ready Steady Pro podcast saw me sitting down with Rob Grimes to talk all things photography. Rob had made an appearance on the show already in episode 6. Many of the things that Rob had mentioned made me want to learn more about the man and how he came to be the photographer we know him as. Naturally then I invited Rob onto the show for a one-on-one chat. This was that discussion. Enjoy!

Here's the intro I wrote back in 2013 for the show notes:

Episode 7 see’s us interviewing Rob Grimes – a member of the British Army having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In recent years Rob has found a deep and addicting passion for photography and is now following that passion.

Back in 2010 Rob was asked by a friend in the military to photograph a wedding. Since then, as they say, the rest is history. Rob as since photographed many more weddings, second shot for other photographers, has declined a book deal (listen to find out more) and has been on shooting assignments in Paris and Barcelona.

Something you often hear about with Rob is his Social Media Presence. People have said that they almost feel as if they know Rob, even if they’ve never met him before. Rob’s way of sharing his life and what he’s up to on Social Media is a real insight into the daily life of a man planning a career in photography for when he retires from the army in or around 2017.

Rob is an extremely friendly guy and a rare breed in that he seizes opportunities when they come his way. Rob is humble, intelligent, driven and disciplined. Add to that a very talented and fun photographer and you’ve got a perfect formula for success in the wedding photography industry.

So, sit back and enjoy this interview, with Rob Grimes.

This Weeks' Topic

An Interview with UK Wedding Photographer (and Soldier of the British Army) Rob Grimes

Today’s Little Gems

  • Rob’s Gem today is a twist on Brett Florens’ ‘KISS’ approach. Rob Tells us ‘KISSES’: Keep It Simple, Stylish, Exciting, Sexy.
  • Michael’s Gem for this episode was The Guild of Photographers – A UK-Based Photography Association where

Show Notes / Links

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Michael Rammell
Rob Grimes