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Episode 009 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: An Interview with Andrew Hellmich

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Whilst Ready Steady Pro came to an end after just 20 episodes, other podcasts out there have gone onto celebrate milestone episodes. PhotoBiz Xposed with Andrew Hellmich is one such show. You can bet your house on the fact that every week Andrew will release a new episode. At the time of re-releasing this episode Andrew is just about to hit episode 190 of his show.

As an avid Listener of 'PhotoBiz X' I was keen to hear from Andrew what his own best takeaways were from all of the interviews he had done with industry experts and leading photographers. This was a great interview, which gave us a great insight into Andrew's own business and ways of working too. Here's what I wrote for the show notes back in November 2013 when this show was originally released:

For Episode 9 we’re back with another one of our very special interviews. This time, it’s the interview that many listeners of this podcast, and the PhotoBiz Xposed Podcast have all been waiting for. Our guest this week is the one and only Mr Andrew Hellmich of Impact Images.

Andrew is a wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Australia. In addition to his photography work Andrew is also the host of the highly successful and excellent ‘PhotoBiz Xposed Podcast’ – a Podcast all about the business of photography.

In this conversation I find out more about Andrew’s past and how he came to be a photographer. I ask Andrew more about how he runs his business. We talk about how things used to be in the industry compared to today, and of course, being Andrew Hellmich it means that all throughout the show he couldn’t help but leave us with plenty of tips and advice.

So, get your notebooks and pens at the ready and enjoy this Interview, with Andrew Hellmich.

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An Interview with Andrew Hellmich – the man behind the camera at Impact Images and the voice behind the mic at PhotoBiz Xposed!

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