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Episode 011 - The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast: How to set your prices (with FREE pricing Calculator tool)

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If you're a photographer interested in making money from your talent, then this episode of Ready Steady Pro is surely a must-listen for you.

As creatives, we're often renowned for not having the best business minds. You'll find that the most successful photographers out there (the ones we all know about, the big names and authorities in the industry), are either a whizz at business, or work closely with someone who is. There is absolutely no shame in not being a business-oriented person. In fact, recognising that it's something that you're perhaps not very good at is something that will put your feet on the first rungs of the ladder. That's why so many people reach out for help and hire other people to take care of that side of things for them.

So, for episode 11 of the podcast we tackled the absolutely mammoth topic of Pricing and exactly how it is you should be setting your prices.

As part of this episode you can also get your hands on my totally FREE Pricing Calculator too. Just subscribe using this page to get the download link.

My Pricing Calculator shows prices in 4 currencies, can take tax into account and will help you to calculate the number of hours you work, your hourly rate, how many weddings you will need to shoot each year and exactly how profitable each of your collections are.

My guests for episode 11 included show regular Neil Graham, Lee Jones and two new voices in the form of a husband and wife team; the Dynamic Duo that is Phil & Helen Silverman.

We talk about removing the emotion from making financial decisions in your business and how to price for profit and sustainable cash flow. But as always we do go off on little tangents here and there and speak about all sorts. So, get your notepad and pen at the ready. The guys have a lot to say when it comes to pricing!

(This is another ‘Extended episode’ with over 30 minutes of bonus listening. So do get comfy!)

Sit back and enjoy this episode of Ready, Steady Pro! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

This weeks Topic

How to set your prices, removing emotion from business. Cash Flow. Pricing for Profit
BONUS CONTENT INCLUDED! Be sure to continue listening past the gems for more photographer banter.

Today’s Little Gems

  • Neil’s Gem for the show this week was the 3-in-1 Rogue Honeycomb Grid from ExpoImaging. A flash accessory he picked up a few weeks ago from Calumet.
  • Lee’s Gem was Zoe Richards’ eBook: ‘100 Lessons I wish I learned sooner as a photographer in business”
  • Phil’s Gem was a friendly warning concerning the weight of Nikon Flashes bending the Hot shoe’s on his camera’s when hung upside down (for example when used with straps such as the BlackRapid). Caution is advised! If you’re using a strap that allows you to have your camera’s upside down. Phil was using Nikon D700’s and had to bend the hot shoe’s back with pliers! (the bending of the Hot Shoe’s result in flash mis-fires!)
  • Helen was very kind and wanted to share 2 Gems with is today:
    • DON’T DISCOUNT. Work on a perceived value approach. Instead of £100 off, why not throw in £10 worth of prints. £10 cost to you, perception of cost to the client is much higher.
    • Manage clients’ expectations. Don’t be afraid to say no. Work with the couple and offer alternative solutions instead of saying ‘No’.
  • Michael’s Gem was 10% off Moo.com’s Luxe business cards. The thickness of 3 business cards with a seam of colour in the middle

Show Notes / Links

Michael Rammell’s Pricing Calculator: Sign up here to receive the calculator via email

This weeks' Photographers

Michael Rammell
Neil Graham
Philip Silverman
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